Steak, chicken and Seafood

The U.S. BEEF Advantage
is gourmet steak, seafood and chicken at wholesale prices. Conveniently shipped for free, our individually-wrapped quality meats and seafood also arrive ready for easy storage and preparation.

Step 1:
We hand-trim our steaks of excess bone and fat while reducing water weight so you only pay for what you eat.

Step 2:
After trimming, our steaks are then individually vacuum-sealed for your convenience and safety. This allows you to open portions as you need them, thereby eliminating the hassles and dangers of rewrapping and refreezing.

Step 3:
Next, we flash-freeze our steaks at the height of their freshness. This unique process freezes our products in only seconds, locking in the steaks' natural flavor and juices, as well as vitamins and minerals.

Step 4:
Finally, we ship to your home or office — and shipping
is always free.

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